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Students Matter

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The vision of ThornCreek Student Ministries is to lead students to be passionate about their relationship with Jesus, to love serving others, and to love the Church.

This Week in Students Ministry

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In this video Pastor Nick goes over the mission statement and the vision for ThornCreek Student Ministries and how the Youth Group is changing. Though this message is aimed at SR. High Students this message can help others understand the Vision of this Student Ministry and what the goal of this ministry is.

Team Member

Nick McCall

Youth Pastor


Encounter (Youth Group) Wednesday Night

Jr. & Sr. High Students (Grades 6-12) 
Wednesday Nights from 6:00pm-7:30pm

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Encounter is our mid-week program for Jr. & Sr. High students. We want to EXPOSE students to Christ and how much He LOVES them and wants to do life WITH them. These weeknight services are designed to give students a taste of what Jesus Christ is all about and an entry-level chance to be exposed to the teachings of Jesus.

Every Wednesday night our students come together for a night of games, worship, message and small groups where we talk about REAL issues that so many teenagers deal with on a regular basis.

Teenagers today are going through so much in their lives and this is a great time for them to get away from the stresses, pressures and struggles that young people are dealing with.

There is always a team of adult volunteers who love teenagers and are passionate about pointing teens to Jesus and being a source of wisdom, love and support for them.

Weekend Worship Service

We encourage our Jr. and Sr. High Students to sit in the main Worship Service(s).

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We believe it is crucial to a young person's faith to be involved in the church congregation as a whole which is why we highly encourage teenagers to be in our regular weekend worship services.

At ThornCreek Church, we ultimately want to connect Jr. and Sr. High students to the greater body and mission of Jesus, which is, His Bride. 

We feel that it is absolutely essential in the spiritual development of teenagers to be comfortable with, involved in and in love with The Church as a whole, not just the youth ministry. When we offer a youth group only class at Church, we are separating teenagers from the greater Body of Christ. The main concern with doing this is that teenagers never really get connected to, or engaged into "Big Church". The problem with this is, when they graduate from High School, they often feel like there is no place for them in the church anymore... They feel like "Big Church" is only for adults, and they feel like they no longer belong anywhere. We want to change this problem in the life of the church. 

We believe it is not only healthy for teenagers to worship with all ages, we feel like it is essential for their faith development. 

Youth Group, our Wednesday Night Program, is really designed for teenagers and this service, we believe, is also an essential part of their faith and spiritual development. This is why we put so much effort and time into our Wednesday night program, because we want to see teenagers WIN in their Faith. Being a teenager in today's world is tough... we want to help, support and love your kids along in their faith development. 

All that being said, we encourage you to come to our weekend worship services and sit with your kids as a family in worship. It is good for them to worship with you, be involved in the service, and be surrounded by others of all ages who are doing their best to walk with God. 

It is our prayer that God uses ThornCreek Church to help people of all ages grow and mature in their walk with God.


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ThornCreek Church:
3853 E. 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233


We are better when we are together

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In addition to the normal meeting times during the week, our youth ministry provides good, safe and fun events for middle and high school students. When it comes to Youth Ministry Events, we center our events around building relationships, discipleship, serving others, and having fun! We do our best to provide safe, quality events that make our students want to come back and experience more of what God has for them.


Texting, Email & Social Media

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The Youth Pastor has found that the best way to reach students and parents is through text, email and social media.

It is strongly encouraged that parents of teenagers give their email and phone number to the Youth Pastor by updating their information in the Church database. If you have questions, please feel free to communicate those questions with our Youth Pastor, Nick McCall. He can be reached by email at nick.mccall@thorncreek.church

Also, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for additional information on coming events and other announcements. 


Safety Matters

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All adults who work with teenagers have gone through a background check. Each adult is assessed and interviewed before they work with our ThornCreek students. Their safety, care, and protection is a priority for ThornCreek.