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Welcome to ThornCreek Church

ThornCreek is a great place for people who don't have it all together but want to do life with God. Whether you are seeking God or a deep rooted follower of Jesus Christ, there's a place for you at ThornCreek!

Our hope is you will discover a friendly environment full of people like you that need the grace of God. Additionally, our prayer is you have a genuine personal encounter with the God who loves you! This could be the beginning of something very special in your life! 

Times and Location

In Person Service Times (3853 E. 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233):

Saturday: 6:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am, 11:00am

We encourage our visitors to pull through the main entrance loop of the building and park near the front door. There is more parking in the back along 121st Ave.

Online Service Times (live.thorncreek.church):

Sunday: 9:00am, 11:00am, 7:00pm

Tuesday: 10:00am

Thursday: 8:00pm

What to Expect

What should I expect if I were to visit a ThornCreek Church service?

Each weekend service does change a bit, however, this is a general format:

Expect to be greeted by some friendly people; we will then worship God through heart-felt worship; someone will thank you for coming to ThornCreek Church and introduce the message.

Afterwards, we will have a creative, bible-driven teaching time, to help people discover God's love and purpose for their lives. We will then conclude with some uplifting songs. Our emcee will then thank everyone for coming and give you a snapshot of things to come.

What is your style of music?

Worship is one of those areas that is very preference driven. It's impossible to have one style that suits everyone. The reality is much of our tastes are influenced by what we grew up with, for better or worse. We have made an attempt to focus on heart-felt worship. It's about our worship to God.

We do have a Worship Pastor, a team of vocalists, and a worship band. We sing popular worship choruses and we do hymns arranged in innovative ways. At times it is upbeat, and at other times it's more reflective. Our prayer every weekend is that our worship is pleasing to God.

Check our our Spotify Playlist for a list of songs that our worship team leads at ThornCreek.

What should I do with my child during church service?

We have a nursery for all services for children ages 0 to 2 yrs of age.

Toddlers (2-3 yrs), PreK (4-5 yrs), and K-3th Grade begin their time with group worship followed by a teaching time. They then break into small groups for a discussion time with games and/or crafts that re-emphasize the lesson for the week.

4th-5th graders have their own special group time during services. This gives them a chance to interact on a more mature level, with curriculum designed specifically for them. They also do some activities together outside of church as well.

Visit our Kids Ministry Page for more details on safety, check in, and curriculum.

What should I do with my student during church service?

Our Middle School Program happens every Sunday Morning during the 11am service. Our Sunday Morning Program is designed specifically around meeting the spiritual needs of Middle School (6th-8th grade) students.

On the Weekend we encourage High School Students to attend Church Service in our worship service along with their family.

We have a High School that happens every Sunday Night from 5-7pm. The Sunday Night program is designed specifically around meeting the spiritual needs of High School (9-12th grade) students.

What is your preaching/teaching like?

Sermons are prayerfully designed to introduce people to God's love and purpose for their lives. They are very Bible-driven and practical. You would also find it to be refreshingly relevant and real.

Sermon notes accompany each sermon, so it's easy to follow along. Bible verses are also in the program and up on our screens.

Faithfulness and obedience are a part of every message. We believe God still changes lives, and healthy Christians are still growing and making daily decisions to live God-honoring lives. If you are far from God or a deep-rooted Christian, there will be something to take home for you.

What do your services "feel" like?

The services feel exciting, warm, and friendly all at the same time. Many people comment about how they can sense God's Spirit at work. We make a special attempt to creatively communicate God's purpose for your life every weekend. Our hope is that people are engaged emotionally, visually, and spiritually. We want people to truly experience God's message for them each weekend.

In addition to great worship music, we may at times use dramas, videos, special readings, or some other creative avenue. However, it is always driven by the Bible. At times, the only thing may be straight Bible-driven teaching. We always want God and His word to be the center of our attention.

What do you ask of visitors?

Visitors are encouraged to come, relax, and enjoy. During the offering time, we ask all visitors NOT to give but to simply pass the offering bucket to the person next to you.

We DO ask all visitors to fill out a Let's Connect Form, which is located at our Welcome Bar. This helps us know how we can better serve you.

We also ask every visitor to check us out for three (3) visits. This gives our visiting friends a good snapshot of what ThornCreek Church is all about. That's critically important for people to get an accurate picture of ThornCreek.