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Children Matter

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ThornCreek Church Children’s Ministry desires to come alongside children, families and Ministry Partners to equip them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ! "I am the way and the truth and the life…” John 14:6

We believe your children are people who can make a difference in the world TODAY, not just in the future! It’s our goal for children to be transformed by the love of God, to grow in their walk with God, surrender their lives to God, and be a light in the world for others to know God in the same way.

This Week in Kids Ministry

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Memory Verse: Isaiah 55:8 (NIV)

Main Idea: God's Love is Unchanging!


We are online only again this week. STARTING NOVEMBER 1, TC Kids be open for in-person services on Sundays at 9 and 11am!
If we haven't seen you yet, we can't wait to see you soon! Kids services will continue to be available online at https://live.thorncreek.church/ on Saturdays at 4:30pm, and On Demand at https://thorncreek.church/kids.


  • David cared more about his own feelings than about if it might hurt other people.
  • David made bad decisions over and over again to hide his poor choice.
  • Even though David messed up big time, God didn't abandon him. God's love for him stayed the same.
  • No matter what you might have done that would make God unhappy, God will alwaysforgive you and love you just as much as always!
  • God's love is unchanging!


1.  How did David try to cover up what he had done?
2.  Re-read II Samuel 11:1. It can be dangerous when we're not where we're supposed to be. When have you found yourself in trouble because you were not where you were supposed to be or doing what you were supposed to do?
3.  How do you respond when you see something you really want, but can't have?
4.  What do you do after you've made a big mistake?
​​​​​5.  ​Why does God still love us after we've done things that are wrong?


Team Member

Katie Tyler

Children's Pastor

Safety & Classes


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We take special measures to take care of the children entrusted in our care. Every volunteer goes through safety training and has passed a background check. We have security measures in place in case of an emergency.
Opens: 15mins before service Closes: 15mins after service We require every child who attends church to be checked in and wear a name tag. Name tags are printed each week. Parents will receive a corresponding tag to pick up their kids and are required to turn it in and match when they pick up their children.
Please inform us of allergies or health issues your child may have to help us keep your child safe and know how to help them. (Our Nursery, Toddler, and PreK classes normally have Animal Crackers for snack. The Elementary Class will occasionally get candy, but children can only eat it with a parent/guardian’s permission. Fourth and fifth grade are served donuts.)
If your child has experienced fever, vomiting, or diarrhea in the last 24 hours; or if your child has something that could possibly be contagious, we kindly ask that you don’t check your child into his/her class. Thank you so much for understanding.


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Nursery0-1 year-old
Toddlers*2-3 year-old
PreK*4-5 year-old
ElementaryKindergarten-3rd Grade
Tween**4th-5th Grade
*Toddlers & PreK classes are combined on Saturday night.**Tweens only meet during Sunday services.

Classroom Information


Please bring a diaper bag with supplies your child may need while he/she is at church. Include diaper changing supplies, snacks/drinks, and an extra change of clothes. We have Animal Crackers for snack if you don’t bring one for your child.


We use a variety of Bible based curriculum to engage children. Through small groups and age appropriate activities and centers, children will experience God’s word in fun ways. Our desire is to instill lifelong habits of a Christ follower at an early age, in hopes the kids will carry them into their teenage years and adulthood. Throughout the service, we model and teach them what it looks like to Obey God, to Love Others, how to Daily Worship God, the value of Small Group Involvement, the importance of Attending Church, what it looks like to Serve Faithfully, was well as and Giving Sacrificially.

Weekly Family Devotional

Every Monday we e-mail parents a family devotional to do during the week. Parents have a big impact on their child’s spiritual growth. Use these weekly devotionals as a springboard to discuss the weekend lesson as a family!