Global Missions

Partnership Peru

We have partnered with a church in Negritos, Peru, a coastal community in the westernmost part of South America. We have teamed up with Compassion International to change the lives within this community by sponsoring children to rescue them from poverty in Jesus' name. We will also be taking ThornCreekers to visit Peru regularly for infrastructure projects.

Trips to Peru

Prior to the pandemic, we sent a team to Negritos every two years. Check out a few videos from those trips.

2016 Trip
2018 Trip

Completed Projects

How You Can Help

Sponsor a child - For $38 a month you can change the life of a child. We have already sponsored over 100 children!

In addition, ThornCreek Church supports missions through the Church of the Nazarene. The Church of the Nazarene is in over 100 countries!

If you have a heart for global missions and would like to join the Leadership Team, please let us know at