fbpx ThornCreek Church COVID-19 Plan | ThornCreek Church
ThornCreek Church is becoming a stronger church during this season of COVID-19. We are looking at new ways to meet the needs of our community at a spiritual and practical level. We believe God is bigger than anything we face, and His church will be a light during this dark time.

All weekend church services can be viewed online! “ThornCreek Online” is our new video streaming platform. You can see all church services, during our regular worship times (Sat @ 6pm; Sun @ 9am & 11am). Additionally, you will be able to see our weekend services on Sunday night, Tuesday morning, and Thursday night! Go to: live.thorncreek.church

Our Student Youth Group Night (6th-12th Graders) will continue to meet every Wednesday night at 6:30pm. Go to: live.thorncreek.church

Our Children’s Church (1st-5th Graders) will continue to meet every Saturday morning at 10am and in the afternoon at 4pm. Go to live.thorncreek.church