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Series Description

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Have you ever struggled with your faith? Need a miracle? Have you ever wondered if the hard times you go through have any purpose? Have you ever wanted to be part of something bigger than yourself? You will love the Book of Acts.

During this message series we will be looking at the unleashing power of the Holy Spirit through ordinary people in the early church. It’s a story of what the church should be. It’s a story of imperfect people that walk with God. It’s a story of grace and love. It’s a story that applies to our life today.

This summer...Don’t take a vacation from church! Maybe God has an encouraging word for you?

April 20-21                              Resurrection
April 27-28                              The Church
May 4-5                                   Fire
May 11-12                                Special Mother's Day Message
May 18-19                                The Gathering
May 25-26                               No Other Name
June 1-2                                   Through Me
June 8-9                                  Before Christ
June 15-16                               Persecution (Fathers Day)
June 22-23                              Greatest Showman
June 29-30                              The Ethiopian
July 6-7                                    A New Name
July 13-14                                 Crazy Dream
July 20-21                                You're Invited
July 27-28                                Jail Break
August 3-4                               Finding God's Will
August 10-11                            Unknown God
August 17-18                            Greek Gods
August 24-25                           Shipwrecked
August 31-September 1         Rome

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