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Series Description

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Wanna go to the beach?!

When someone goes to the beach, as beautiful as it might be, there are certain things we might say that communicate…“This is not fun!” During this series we will be looking at life challenges that all of us have faced. We will dive into what the bible has to say about these topics, and grow in our relationship with God.

This is a great series to invite a friend who is going through a tough time, or a friend who is thinking about getting back into church. Don’t miss it!

Jul 14-15        “I forgot my sunscreen." (Anxiety)
Jul 21-22        "A bird took my sandwich!" (Anger)
Jul 28-29       "I need to catch a wave." (Purpose)
Aug 4-5         "Shark!" (Fear)
Aug 11-12      "It's so hot." (Suffering)
Aug 18-19     "I stepped on a jellyfish." (Healing)
Aug 25-26    "I can't get this sand out." (Sin)
Sep 1-2         "I don't want to leave." (Peace)