That Used To Be Me | ThornCreek Church

Series Description

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All of us have a side to us that doesn't look good in the mirror. I'm not talking about our physical appearance. You have to look past the reflection and into your heart and thoughts.

During these six weeks, we will be looking at how to overcome those private battles that we know exist. We will be looking at key people in the bible that also had the same struggles. You will be encouraged that we have a God who knows how to heal and transform.

God wants you to know the power of His Holy Spirit at a personal level. Then, you can say with confidence, "That used to be me."

Sep 4-5          Lost
Sep 11-12       Anxious
Sep 18-19      Angry
Sep 25-26     Fearful
Oct 2-3           Insecure
Oct 9-10        Lustful