PRODIGAL | ThornCreek Church

Series Description

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Do you know anyone who has drifted from God? Maybe they used to go to church. Maybe they never attended church. Maybe their relationship with God has just grown cold. This message series is for them.

We will be looking at a famous story in the bible called, "The Prodigal Son". For eight weeks we will be looking at this story through the eyes of the Prodigal. He left home to chase after the pleasures of this life, only to find out He could never outrun the love of his father, and discovered the true treasure.

It's a messy story of God's grace. Whether you consider yourself a "Christian", or you have no relationship with God, you will be changed by the story of The Prodigal.

Apr 10-11          Tax Collectors, Sinners, and Jesus
Apr 17-18          Partying with Prostitutes
Apr 24-25         Didn't Expect That
May 1-2             Praying with Pigs
May 8-9            Full Send
May 15-16         Long Distance Love
May 22-23         Big Brother
May 29-30        Coming Home Bash