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Series Description

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God is still in control!

We are all navigating a “new normal” in our society, but, it’s not the first time our world has had to work through change. The Israelites were under a “stay away from home” order.

After 70 years of being exiled, they are now returning home. They see relationships differently. They see God differently. They see their homes differently. It’s a new life.

God has a message for you in this story! Make church attendance a priority. You will be encouraged!

June 6-7                 God Will Go Before You
June 13-14              Power of Unity
June 20-21             Making Better Decisions
June 27-28             Mixed Emotions
July 4-5                   Praising God Even Though...
July 11-12                How to Pray
July 18-19               Strength for the Exhausted
July 25-26              Starting Over Brick By Brick