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Series Description

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How do you know what's right or wrong? Before Jesus was born, the answer to this question was not that clear.

During the next four (4) weekends, we will be looking at life before Christ in the Old Testament. If Jesus hadn't entered our world, our spiritual life, the way we worship, the grace of God, and our relationship, would look drastically different!

This is a great message series for the person who wants to prepare their hearts for Christmas! You will be encouraged, lifted up, and reminded of God's personal love for you. Our hope and prayer is...You will come to know Jesus Christ at a deeper experiential level. These will be relevant messages that you could apply on Monday!

Put church on your calendar and don't miss ThornCreek! God has a special message for you!

Nov 30-Dec 1          I Determine What's Right
Dec 7-8                    613 Ways to Mess Up
Dec 14-15                 It's Gotta Be Perfect
Dec 21-22                400 Years of Silence