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Series Description

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What’s your story?

All of us have seasons of ups and downs. But, there is something that God wants you to have in the midst of tough times. Hope is one of the strongest survival tools needed to get through life. It’s this belief that my circumstances will change.

For six weekends, ThornCreek Church will be looking at the power of hope that’s found in scripture. This is not a shallow hope, it’s a hope that’s fixed on the God who loves you. You will be encouraged, renewed, and reminded, that we have this living God who wants us to abound in hope!

Let hope by part of your story! Start a new habit this new year by attending church. God will fill you with hope!

December 24              Living Hope
December 29-29        Hope in God
January 4-5                 Renewed Hope
January 11-12              Hope Beyond Suffering
January 18-19             Hope in God's Word
January 25-26            Second Coming Hope