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Series Description

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Have you ever been hurt by someone?

How do you respond? Maybe you retaliate, unfriend, block, or simply walk away. There is another option...God wants you to forgive! That's tough!

For eight weeks, we will be looking at different relationship dynamics and the incredibly challenging, yet freeing, choice to forgive. God wants to clean your heart!

If you know someone who has been carrying resentment, or avoids deep relationships, or has been hurt...Invite them to ThornCreek Church!

Feb 6-7       How To Forgive
Feb 13-14    Simmering Resentments
Feb 20-21   The Silent Treatment
Feb 27-28   They Haven't Apologized
Mar 6-7       Serial Offender
Mar 13-14    Forgiving Yourself
Mar 20-21   Starting Over
Mar 27-28   Just as God...