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Series Description

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What does a die-hard follower of Jesus Christ really look like? We live in a world that throws around labels and titles, but rarely do we see authentic transformation.

In this series we will be looking at what a true Christian looks like. What are the internal decisions that genuine Christians make, which makes them distinct?

If you want to experience the will of God for your life at a new level, don't miss this series. If you know someone who has been disenfranchised with religion or Christianity, bring them to church.

It's all about Jesus!

Apr 23-24             It's About Me or It's About Him?
Apr 30-May 1       It's All Mine or It's All His?
May 7-8                Want the Miracle or Want the Miracle Giver?
May 14-15             Rule Follower or Relationship Follower?
May 21-22             TikTok Jesus or Just Jesus?
May 28-29            Self-Centered or Death to Self?