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It has been said, "Do not fear" is one of the most frequent words we read in the Bible. It's mentioned at least 365 times in the Bible!

Why would God feel like we needed to hear this so often? Maybe it's because we are fear-driven people.

During this crazy time we will be looking at the promises and assurance we have from God's word. God wants you to know His peace!

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Aug 1-2            When concern becomes worry
Aug 8-9           Controlling runaway thoughts
Aug 15-16        When not to wear a mask
Aug 22-23        Why you don't have to be afraid of the dark
Aug 29-30        One reason why you'll have enough
Sep 5-6            How to slay your giant
Sep 12-13         How to manage your "What If's"
Sep 19-20        How to watch the news without freaking out
Sep 26-27        Think different from the crowd