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Christmas Eve Service Times:
Sunday, Dec. 23 6pm
Monday, Dec 24 3pm & 5pm

You are invited to our Christmas Eve Services!

When Joseph and Mary entered Bethlehem, there was “No Room” for them in the Inn. What would that look like today? Join us for a special Christmas production called, “There’s No Room”.

There will be a drama, worship, and a great Christmas message! You will be encouraged and reminded of God's purpose for your life. You have two days to choose, and all services are identical.

If you have kids, we will have a special Children's program...Your child will experience Christmas in Bethlehem! There will be costumes, crafts, and a great story of the birth of Christ.

Bring your friends, family, and make church part of your Christmas experience! Be early!!!

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Christmas :: There's No Room
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