February 7-9, 2019

Place: High Peak Campground, 111 Salvation Ln, Estes Park, CO 80517 (One hour drive time from Thornton)


Every man is busy. But, one thing that separates great men of God is they set apart time to meet with God. Believe it or not, your “to do” list will be there when you get back, and things will run fine while you are gone. You will come back from this retreat with a renewed soul, a deeper relationship with God, and new strength for your days. Make necessary arrangements to make this retreat happen. Ask for time off now!


What is the “Measure of a Man?” How do you know? In a world that is redefining labels, we believe our true identity as a man is defined through God’s eyes. What does a true man of God look like? Our hope is every man discovers his true identity in Christ Jesus at this retreat.


Our guest speaker this year is Pastor Dave Gerber from Michigan. God has given Dave a specific message about, “The Measure of a Man.” This is something Dave has had to work through in his personal life with God. God has shown Dave his true identity as a man of God, and now Dave is going to share that message with the men of ThornCreek Church! Dave is not only a pastor, but he is also a chaplain for the police department, a 4th degree black belt, a former helicopter pilot, an avid motorcycle rider, and he was on the coaching staff for the Detroit Lions! He currently serves as Director of Pastoral Care for a senior living community. He has been married for 35 years to his wife, Ruth, and has a beautiful daughter, Lindsay. He attended Nazarene Bible College and Northwest Nazarene University.


Men: $175, Sons (18 years and younger): $125, Maximum for a family: $400


Five (5) incredible meals (One is a steak or salmon dinner)
Two (2) nights in a beautiful rustic lodge in the mountains
Three (3) chapel experiences with a great guest speaker
Three (3) days in the mountains to meet with God.


If you are bringing a son, our hope is that your son has an impacting experience with God. We want him to take ownership in his faith with God. We want him to be inspired as he witnesses other men worshipping God. That’s the prayer. The expectation is that your son attends every chapel service, eats meals with men, respects his elders, helps when needed, and does not become a distraction to the mission of this retreat. We want him to have a blast, but we also want him to understand what it means to be a responsible man of God. 


There are only two (2) mandatory events for every man and son...chapel and meals! We want every man (and son) to be early to chapel, and eat together. Outside of these two (2) events, you can do as much or as little as you’d like. Here are some options:

  • Chill at the lodge
  • Snowshoe 
  • Ice Hockey (Broom Hockey)
  • Football Game in the snow! (This has become an annual event) God needs to provide snow :)  
  • Walk around downtown Estes Park
  • Ice Fish
  • Shoot Firearms (Bring your own firearm and ammo)
  • Build an Ice Fort...or a snowman
  • Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Rent ATV’s!
  • Build a fire
  • Catch a bear

Generally speaking, it officially starts with dinner on Thursday @ 6:00 PM, and ends on Saturday about 10:00 AM. (Many men start the retreat early on Thursday, and do lunch together at Penelope’s in downtown Estes Park at 1:00 PM. This lunch is not included in the retreat price). You could be at home on Saturay by 11:00 AM.


Space is limited, so please register EARLY and get your name on the list!!! You can pay with credit card as well. Click here to register today!