Wow, God is good! 

Although I've been to Negritos a couple of times now, I am still just bown away by the love that pours out of the people. They have tremounds amount of joy that we should all strive to have.  I don't think I have seen more smiles on people's faces then here. It's quite contagious as I have noticed my cheeks have been hurting since we arrived from the constant similing. We should all smile more often as it can change the attitude of those around you.

These past few days we have been making several home visits. We have shown up on people's doorsteps unnannounced and are welcomed into these homes. The families do everything possible to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. They have all shared personal stuggles and joy's that they or their family have experienced. I thought about if some stranger from a foriegn land rang my door bell, would I welcome them into my home? Would I be able to tell someone my own personal struggles?

I think the one thing that I will take away from this trip this time is how God is moving mountains in the live of the children and their families. From children leading their parents to Chist, to new believers sharing their home for a Wednesday night Bible study. There has been a tremoundous amount of growth in the past four years. Not only spiritual but also those wanting to rise above their status to make a better life for themselves and their families.