One of the things I love most about Jesus is that He knows his audience. In this case, me. I feel He has met me here in Peru, giving me an abundant amount of empathy to process what I am experiencing. Many times I find myself remembering stories from the bible that I can relate to a given situation.

For example, take our welcome to the Compassion Center on Tuesday night.  I have NO WORDS.  None.  The way people were spilling out onto the streets, and peering through windows and staircases reminded me of the overcrowded house that had its roof removed so Jesus could heal the crippled man. Their celebration of our arrival reminded me of the heavenly party thrown for the return of the lost from the parables about the sheep, the coin and the prodigal son.  The power of the Spirit during worship, singing the same song in two separate languages and praising the same Name, reminded me that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess.  I see how families must always wear sandals because the floors of the homes are dirt and think of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.  Most importantly, I am seeing these people as I think God sees them - not as poor and helpless, but as beautiful and capable with so many gifts to share. The children want to learn, play, and hear my story as much as I want to hear theirs.  Parents simply want us to pray over their family and homes for healing and protection, in the exact same way I would ask somebody to pray for me.

From today, I will remember laughing with the children about my terrible Spanish, tracing little hands in my notebook, my sponsored child reading scripture to his class, and seeing parents come to our service tonight after we had visited them yesterday. It is safe to say, we are all blissfully fatigued and ready to start again tomorrow.