It has been an amazing, yet exhausting, first couple of days. Travel is never really fun, especially when it involves 12.5 hours on planes, sprinting between gates to make a connection, sleeping a on a very stiff bed, and standing around waiting to get your luggage accepted onto a domestic flight in a foreign country. However, I'm glad to have done it with this team that is here in Peru. Everyone has embraced that we are on God's clock and has "rolled with the punches" with cheerful hearts. We've laughed away the challenges that come with taking a group of 14 people from Denver, Colorado to Negritos, Peru in about 31 hours.

What made that 31 hours seem insignificant was that we finally got to the Compassion Project at Iglesia del Nazareno de Negritos! This is my second time visiting this beautiful community and it felt like coming home. There really are no words to explain the sense of welcoming love that these wonderful people pour out. 

We had a Spirit filled time of worship and the kids from all levels (age groups) of the project put on skits teaching a Bible story, danced to, and sang worship songs. It was loud and fantastic. The kids and compassion volunteers had worked so hard to put on this service for us. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Even as we waited for some technical difficulties to be resolved, I got to interact with the litte girls sitting next to me. Thankfully I new that they were asking my name, and then it was just smiles and waves that could get through the language barrier.


What was really special for me, was I got to experience this a second time. It was fun to wave and say hello to people that I remember from the last time I visited. And the most special was reconnecting with our sponsor children Ana and Alvaro. Hugs were given, and we got to spend a little time catching up (mainly talking about why my wife, Patti, hadn't come this time).

I'm so thankful that we have the rest of the week to be here! I look forward to connecting more with the people of Negritos and to what God will do in and through our team!