Tonight I was asked to do a “blog’ about today’s events. As I felt that this was the most exciting and eventful day of this whole trip, I was honored. My only question to pastor Jeremy was “what is a blog”? Since I have never done one before and I don’t do social media, he had to explain it to me. Now I know, so here goes:

This was the most exciting and blessed day for me. This was our “Fun Day” that we would spend with our sponsored child at the beach. After an hour and a half bus ride north we met up with another bus that was full of our sponsored children and members of their families. This was the most beautiful day at a beautiful ocean resort with the most beautiful and amazing families I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.


We broke up into small family groups so we could get to know our child and their family better. I spent the day with Ezequiel and his father Jorge. We played in the ocean, made sand castles, took a walk along the beach, chased sea crabs, played a game like tennis, threw a frizbee and swam in a pool. I can describe all of the physical things, but I don’t have words for the emotional things that we all felt today. We built strong bonds with our extended families that will last a lifetime. I feel a love and respect from these brothers and sisters that I have never felt before. The people here are monetarily poor, but they are abundantly rich in the LOVE, RESPECT, AND COMPASSION that they show for others. They have a LOVE for CHRIST that has no bounds. Without exception, everyone that I have met treated me  with a love that I have not known before. They have taught me so many things about how to treat our brothers and sisters in CHRIST. I will always remember this day with Ezequiel and his father Jorge, but more importantly I will always know the love that they have for me and the love that I have for them. I have great respect for Jorge for the work and sacrifices he makes to support his wife and 5 children.


Tonight in Negritos the people had a surprise for us in the form of a fashion show featuring costumes and dresses that they hand made in a church supported dress shop. 


They fed us wonderful traditional foods and the children put on drama and dancing skits for us and the church members. It was fantastic. The dress shop that the dresses were made in is new and the goal is to teach girls and women a trade. This was all organized and made possible by their church through funds from Compassion International.


I’m sure I didn’t do this experience the justice that it deserves, but for me it would be like describing a color to a blind person. A task that I would also fail at.     

May you all be blessed,

Mike Lewis