It has been different this time traveling to Negritos.  Coming with Nate and Caitlyn has made me see things through a different lens than my first time.  It is a tremendous joy to be with them as they experience Negritos.  I am amazed by their great attitudes, proud of their willingness to jump all-in to any situation and deeply thankful to be with them on this journey.  I will forever remember this time with them.


Nate has been fortunate to see his sponsored child Elias almost everyday.  Elias has been at the church almost every time we are there and has taken to following Nate around with open adoration.  Nate’s heart has been touched by the huge smiles and affection.  


Nate has also been blown away by the welcome from the church youth.  They have embraced him and loved on him.  Yesterday was a special Moto taxi ride around town with David and Daniel, two teens from the church.  Today was a wonderful gift from the youth group. 


We had to wait until this morning to spend time with Crisbeth, Caitlyn’s sponsored child.  It was a longer wait then we wanted but worth it.  Words can’t describe how precious it is to see Caitlyn and Crisbeth, side by side, talking and playing. 


Caitlyn has also been embraced with open arms by everyone in Negritos.  (At least it seems that way).  She quickly went from staying by my side to disappearing somewhere in the church.  I track her down by listening for the laughter.  Language is no barrier to 10 and 11 year old girls who are having a wonderful time together.  Within hours, Caitlyn, Emma, Carolyn and Kimberly (both sponsored children) have become a close knit group.  It seems like they have known each other forever. 


For me, I am humbled.  The people we have seen may be poor in resources, but they are rich in love and kindness.  They deeply love their children and us who support them.  They are so incredibly warm, welcoming and thankful that we are here.  Caitlyn, Nate and I are leaving here much richer than when we arrived.

There has also been a theme to this trip.  Something brought up daily by staff and by children.  This is the importance of writing to the children.  These letters mean the world to the children and are among their most important possessions.  Please write.

God Bless – Nate, Caitlyn, and Bob