Today I went to the house of Juliana and little Jeremy and painted it for them. I’ve painted on a canvas before. I imagined the house was a big canvas for me.


I feel really comfortable with the people of Negritos and the kids in the project. I’m happy that even though we can’t speak the same language, I can still interact with them and have fun.

For example, there are two girls, Kimberly and Carolyn, that I became friends with. Though we needed translators most of the time, there were other times when we didn’t need them at all because we were just having fun, dancing and playing together.


Even though we had challenges talking without translators, I love all of the people I’ve met in Negritos and they have shown their love for me. I love them all so much.


I don’t want to leave, but I know I will have to. I can’t wait come back.

- Emma