Today we went to help the youth from the church to paint houses for some of the people in the community. 


The house I went to was the home of my sponsor child, Jano. Visiting with his family was one of the most amazing, exciting and eye opening things I have ever done. For us we each have our own room in a huge house with so much stuff we need extra storage. They don’t have a floor and have holes in their walls and roof, but are so full of love and community that no one wants for anything as long as someone else is able to help. 


After lunch we went back to the school and had time to visit with the kids. The little kids are so excited to see us and sing us song after song. Spending time with the teenagers reminds me how similar things are here, but also how different. We had the same awkward silences and nervous laughter but it’s so cool to see how grounded they are in their faith. The love and faith everyone here has cannot be explained. The people at the project serve the kids with smiles on their faces and didn’t even mind that we were coming into their classrooms and probably disrupting their schedule. 


Everyone here (teachers, kids, parents) invited us in with open arms and so many hugs that I’m going to have hug withdrawal when I leave.

- Elizabeth