In my role here at ThornCreek I have a front row seat to all the decisions made whether they be spiritual, financial, or otherwise. Obviously over the last four or five months things have been happening in rapid speed regarding the purchase of land and a future home for ThornCreek Church. That said, it seems as though a significant amount of my time is spent working on items that pertain to the land and our future building. Because of this, I have found myself looking at the book of Nehemiah in some of my personal times.

Many of you are probably very familiar with this story from the Old Testament and how Nehemiah led the people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Today, I was drawn to chapter 3 which is headlined as “Builders of the Wall.” It starts out simply enough with Eliashib the High Priest and his fellow priests going to work to rebuild the sheep gate. So here we have the leaders of the church, the clergy if you will, taking the lead and starting the project which seems natural enough. After all, they’re the ones that get “paid” to do it, right? But it’s the next 31 verses that get really interesting…

In verse 2 the “Men of Jericho” build the adjoining section. In verse 3 the fish gate was rebuilt by the sons of Hassenaah. In verse 4 Meremoth, son of Uriah repaired the next section and it continues on like this for the remainder of the chapter, everyday ordinary people stepping up and taking on their role in the completion of a project that at the onset seemed to be an impossible undertaking.

A couple of weeks ago we closed on our property at 140th and Washington St. Since then we have been looking at floor plans, site maps, elevations, drawings, etc. The task before us is huge. It’s monumental! Some people may even look at it and view it as impossible. What I can tell you however is that Pastor Ruben and your pastoral staff has been hard at work leading this project. We will continue to do what we need to do to build. What we need now is for all of you to step up and take part. Together, just like in the days of Nehemiah, we can unite under God, with one clear purpose and we can build this new church. God has called us to be a beacon of light in North Denver and he has given us a regional location to do just that. I believe that I speak for all of the staff here at ThornCreek church when I say, I look forward to working alongside each of you as we build this church and HIS Kingdom.