This is a guest post from our Peru Team members, the Dozer's

Dozer's and Jimmy

Dozer's and Jimmy

Leaving Negritos behind along with all the wonderful people that we grew to love so quickly was harder than anticipated. We have sealed our week with them in our hearts forever.
Today we travelled to Cusco for the last few days of this adventure. All of us are exhausted both physically and emotionally but spiritually FULL!  After arriving into Lima we had to say goodbye to our Compassion family and began making our way thru Peru on our own. We didn’t realize how much we depended on our Compassion team until we left them. We are forever grateful for the way they helped us understand the culture and allowed us to feel at ease.

Our flight into Cusco was beautiful. As we flew over the magnificent Andes into the Valley where Cusco is tucked away, one of the first noticeable differences is the terrain and temperature. Negritos was at sea level, humid & desert like. However, Cusco sits at 11,000 feet and is mountainous with cool temperatures. It feels a lot like Vail in the fall. We quickly grabbed our coats as we waited on our bus.

View from our Cusco balcony

Cusco only has two seasons, cold and wet. Currently it is their cold season. Because Cusco is located at 11,000 feet, altitude sickness is a common symptom. Sorocjhi pills is the suggested medicated solution, however, the natural and easier option is the Cocoa tea. It helps to calm the tummy and any onset of headaches.

Inca city

We have enjoyed a cup and are feeling great! As we move through the days ahead and take in all the history and sights, our hearts are still in Negritos. It’s hard to spend a week serving, loving, playing, worshipping, laughing, learning, crying, and caring for our Negritos family. To have to say goodbye and find yourself now putting on the “tourist” hat is hard. Undoubtly, each and every one of us will continue processing what we left behind in the many days ahead.  We are thanking God for the memories and this amazing opportunity we have been blessed with as a family. We are forever changed!

The Dozers