This is a guest post from our Peru Team members, Kristie and Chris Darr

Greetings from Peru! We are incredibly blessed to be on this trip together. There was a point where we thought only one of us could make the trip, but God planned for both of us to go and provided the way for us to experience Peru together. We are so thankful, Praise God!!

We stopped by a fishing pier

Today started out with a short detour to local fishing pier on our way from our hotel to Negritos. The views from the pier are gorgeous, but what is more beautiful is the love we experience from the people of Negritos. They always greet us with smiles, smiles that light up their face… and ours. We have never had so many hugs and kisses in such a short time. If you know Chris, this is out of his element but he is embracing it and them! They go out of their way to make us feel welcomed and at home as well as serving us amazing food, including ceviche… which many of us tried for the first time today.

Planting trees in Negritos, Peru

Watering system for the trees

This morning we worked at the property where the Church of the Nazarene hopes to build a new Church and Compassion project facility. Our tasks included planting trees, building wind screens for the seedlings, and watering the trees. The people of Negritos are innovative with the resources they have, and in creating solutions to handle the effects of the regional climate. Like our TC church, congregation members and staff worked side by side with us. It is always moving to see so many come out to serve the church for God.

Playing soccer with our Compassion kids.

The ladies did awesome!

Following the work project and lunch, we were able to play soccer and volleyball with the Compassion kids and their families. Ruben decided on a USA vs. Peru soccer match. While we thought we had an ace up our sleeve with Ruben…well, let’s just say looks can be deceiving. Thankfully the TC girls did a great job representing the USA in volleyball.

Western most point in South America

Before dinner, we made a trip to the western most point of South America. Here we were able to reflect on our time, experiences and beauty of Peru. The sun, clouds and water in the horizon where breathtaking. It was so refreshing to have the ocean breeze on our face. Something us Coloradoans (in our case Wyomingites) miss out on in a land locked state.

The Darr's and Dayana

We have been very fortunate to spend so much time with our sponsor child, Dayana, every day we have been in Negritos. She is such a beautiful child. Her eyes just draw you in and captivate you. We struggle with putting her into words. She is just incredible, full of love, joy, and fun. She is most content nestled in our arms either with her head on our shoulder or looking into out eyes. There is something truly amazing about this child. She is an incredible blessing in our life!!

Wednesday we visited her house and she showed us her bedroom that she shares with her sister and parents, and taped on the wall by her bed was all of the photos that we have sent her. We encourage you to write to your sponsor children. They cherish your letters and photos. If God wills, go visit your child!! It opens your heart and mind way beyond what you can fathom!!

We wish you all Buenas Noches! Thank your for your love and prayers! God is moving even more in our lives and it is awesome!!

With love,
Kristie and Chris Darr