This is a guest post from one of our Peru Team members, Miles Higginbotham.

Today is the second day of our trip actually in Negritos, Peru.  We all woke up still tired from the travel and because we were up late last night separating beads for VBS.  I had an idea as to what was expected when going to the homes of kids that are in the program, but what I saw I’m still trying to understand.  The first house we visited looked just like a large shed we might see in America.  There were holes in the roof and no floor (just dirt).  Yet as we spoke to the owner about her life with her three young girls I began to see that they view this place more as a home not because of the surface surrounding them, but because of the people that lived in it and the love they shared for one another. As we moved to the next home I was still trying to process what I had just seen.

The next house was very different from the surrounding houses.  The exterior looked the same as surrounding homes, but the interior was almost that of a modern home here in America without the appliances.  This woman’s only little girl was allergic to the dust that used to surround the home so she and her father installed tile floors throughout the entire house.  Though there was no kitchen or bathroom in the house this could not compare to the struggle of the first home.

VBS occurred this afternoon with all of the kids in the program.  We had games set up and crafts to do along with some amazing singing and dancing from Linneah and Heather!  The kids first arrived and had giant smiles on their faces.  There were so many of them!  I was helping out with games and was able to interact with most of the kids. There was a point in time playing a game that all of the kids surrounded me, climbing and smiling! It definitely was a great time with los ninos! I’m looking forward to round two tomorrow with a new group of young ones!

I’m blogging yet still trying to come to realization. 

On the less depressing side of today Compassion’s translators and the churches helpers are amazing!  Everyone is always working together no matter what the task may be and there is still so much to learn on our journey here.

P.S. la comida aqui es muy delicioso!

God bless all of you back home and know that you are here in our hearts

Miles Higginbotham