In my moment of New Year's reflection, I looked back at a journal entry that I wrote last year during one of the first days of 2014.  In it I said, "God is preparing us." [Referring to my family.]  "God is going to move and make it apparent what we should do.  It is both terrifying and exciting.  I feel like I've been focused on moving possibilities and job situations.  But what if it's not that at all?  What if it's those things and more?"

When I read those words last week I laughed out loud!  God was definitely preparing us for HUGE things ahead!  My husband's job went through some big schedule changes this past year.  We moved across town to a new home and entered a new community.  I began working for ThornCreek and then came Food for Hope.  I went from staying home with our children full-time to engaging the community over the issue of hunger and helping lead a new organization! Those possibilities certainly weren't on my radar a year ago.

As we begin 2015, I'm trying to be still and listen to where God is leading next. (And that is easier said than done, for sure!) Where do you think He is leading you?  There are countless stories in the Bible of God leading and preparing His people.  He led His chosen people out of Egypt.  He provided for their needs, protected them, and made Himself known to them on a daily basis - even as they complained, doubted, and failed.  I don't know about you, but that hits a little close to home for me.  In the midst of our daily grind - when we feel uncertain, tired, or just DONE - God is there with us too.  He is always preparing us for what is around the bend.

I love the verses in Ephesians 2 where we are reminded that God's grace saves us and not the things we do.  Then it says, "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." (Eph. 2:10)  God has GOOD things that He has already prepared for each of us to do - things that will help others to know His love; things that will bring us joy; things that will fill us up more than anything we can find for ourselves here on Earth!  As we start this new year, pray that God would make it apparent what He is preparing in advance for you this year.  Pray that He would give you the strength to overcome any challenges and the courage to do what He is calling you to do - even if it isn't easy.  I will be praying the same thing right alongside you.  Here goes nothing!  Bring it on, 2015.