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Keep our land and building project in your prayers. We have important meetings with the City of Thornton, Architects, Builders, and so many others. Pray God's protection over this project team, over ThornCreek staff and leaders, and over our entire church body. God is moving at ThornCreek. His Kingdom will be expanded!

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God is moving at ThornCreek Church and your giving ensures a future for ThornCreek. More than that, you are securing a place for God's Holy Spirit to work in creative and exponential ways. God has given us a premier location because He plans on doing premier things for His Kingdom!

Results from the campaign:

Total pledged over the 3 year campaign = $648,810.00

Total pledged for the first fruits offering = $41,620.00     - Last weekend $26,380.00 of that came in

Total pledged for the campaign = $690,430.00     - Total received for the campaign is $39,280.00

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ThornCreekers, YOU ROCK! We have finished up our Our Land Campaign, which ran from December 2014 through April 2015. You pledged $145,500 and gave $175,000!! That's 120% given of what was pledged!!!

That's unheard of in the church world. God is moving and changing lives at ThornCreek, and your obedience and faithfulness is building up His church to do even more to reach the North Denver area! Way to go, ThornCreek!

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Audacious Campaign

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The campaign runs from May 10, 2015 to May 9, 2018

First Fruits 98%

First Fruits Pledged - $41,940
First Fruits Received - $41,230

3 Year Campaign 59%

3 Year Campaign Pledged - $552,410
3 Year Campaign Received - $328,180
3 Year Campaign Percentage - 59.4%

Total Campaign 62%

Total Campaign Pledged - $594,350
Total Campaign Received - $369,440
Total Campaign Percentage - 62.1%

Building Images

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Our New Land

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