Obviously the question of the day is when are we going to start building? I wish I had a simple answer to give you, but it is a little more complex than that. At this point the annexation docs are waiting for final approval from all attorneys and will be signed at the earliest convenience.

We have also submitted our 4th CSP (conceptual site plan) to the city and are waiting to hear new comments back from them. We do believe that we addressed the cities concerns and are praying that this is our final submission so we can continue to move forward.

The third on-going element of this process is the need to sell the 3 acres on the north end of the property. This is where we need ALL of you to pray regularly. It is imperative that we sell this land if we are to build. Unfortunately we just can qualify for a loan large enough to do everything without the proceeds of this land sell. So please add this to your prayer list and pray specifically that we would find a buyer or buyers willing to pay top dollar and that the process of selling goes quickly.

Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness. God is providing a way and we are walking with Him through this process. We're glad to have you on this journey with us.

- Pastor Jason