We have submitted our annexation agreement as well as our 3rd CSP. Both are still in review with the City of Thornton, but we're hopeful that we'll be wrapping these things up shortly. We have also received a verbal approval for financing of the site development. THIS IS HUGE! That means once we are done with the city and permits are issued, we can break ground. We're hoping for this to take place by October or November of this year.

Please continue to pray. We need God to provide favor with the city during this approval process. It's a long and sometimes difficult process so we need God's guidance every step of the way. We also need to sell the two commercial pads on the north end of the property. There has been some interest in these already but still no offers. Being able to begin site development should help this process as we can say that the land will be deliverable by a certain date once we begin. All of this is necessary and being handled with the utmost care.

Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness. God is providing a way and we are walking with Him through this process. We're glad to have you on this journey with us.